Pages From "Seeking, To Be Found." ©

On this tab of my website, you find a brief selection of pages taken from my book.  In the book there are about 76 poems mated with a photograph, or in 8 cases with the Chinese Translation instead of a photo when the translation is too long to fit with the English on one page.

Most of the pages below are formatted for printing as a single image on archival fine art paper and available for purchase to be matted and framed by your framer.

Seeking, To Be Found, ©
Tears, ©
Mask, N-95, ©
Ashes, ©
Leaf with Chinese, ©
Seeking Dawn, At My Sunset, ©
To Know, ©
Entrapment, ©
Awaiting, ©
Mist of the Angles Breath, ©
Tokens ©
Wings, Better Than Things, ©
Paradise, ©
Dance with My Soul, ©
Trilogy of Defenses, ©
Passageways To Knowledge, ©
Glow, ©
Written to All, Yet to No One, ©
One's Journey, ©
Altered State of Mind, ©