Pages From "Seeking, To Be Found." ©

On this page of my website, "Seeking, To Be Found."©, I am presenting sample pages in reverse positions (photo on left poem on the right) from my book.  In my book you will find about 76 poems mated with a photograph or in 8 cases with the Chinese Translation.

  For all pages of my book, the poem is always on the left page of the book and the mated photo is on the right page, the opposite of what is displayed here.

  Most of pages below are formatted for printing as a single image on archival fine art paper and available for purchase to be matted and framed by your framer.

Seeking, To Be Found, 18,16,24
Mask, N-95
My Sea
Leaf with Chinese
6hx9w,  Rev 8,  Poems&Photos MASTER 9-10-2020, Spread 18x6
To Know
Wings, Better Than Things, 15,15,18
Harm's Way
Dance with My Soul, 16,15,18
Trilogy of Defenses
One's Journey