What is my "Mission", intended purpose, of putting my very personal writings into one document, "Seeking, To Be Found" ©, for all to see?

  First, to share with others that were severely abused in childhood that you do not have to proceed on the self destructive path our parents placed us upon!  Use to good purpose YOUR DREAMS that YOU fabricated in YOUR mind to survive what we went through and alter the self destructive image of our life they tried to plant within us.

Next, to share with those that had a great childhood, or even just something better than abused, just how difficult the sense of "abandonment" is to overcome for those from a seriously challenging childhood.  I hope reading my writings will bring to light what others have unfortunately experienced, the consequence of what they experienced and how it can be changed; understanding and never abandoning "Self", while having Empathy for those that do not understand.

My writings are reflective from a past perspective, as well as romantically based on the future that a person can be seeking with the full knowledge that the "Dream" will in all likelihood not manifest, but that there is a duty to the core of our being to never stop the pursuit of our "Dream" of a compliment and an opportunity to be embraced for the first time by just one with "True Love" for Us.

  As such, I hope in a subsequent issue of my book to present a literary teaching tool for the English/Chinese language community to understand from each perspective the others way of relating their emotions and sensitivity to their life. (planned as a 2nd iteration of this book where all poems are fully translated into Chinese with the corresponding poem in English and having an emotional impact rarely found in interpretations of English writings).

Last, I hope in the future to be able to Donate a portion of the net proceeds to an accredited charity for children/runaways that is dynamic and will continue long after my lifetime.