Recent Writings

New Writings/Poems
Completed after STBF was published.
Added as they are completed over time with others to follow in the future.
Please check back as your time allows.

Winters Long

Stretching Out
Seeking You
Who is True

Winters Light
Surrendering to the Night
Stretching my Shadow Thin.

Days of Light
Now Number Few
Yet Still Seeking YOU.

Dreams in the Dark
At the Side of The Stream
As She Rose from the Mist,

I can’t Hold
I can’t keep.
Touched By,
Yet gone.

One Never Known,
Yet Known.
Only in the Dark
This Dream

How do We
Get from There
To Here?

I no longer Seek,
For Another Life


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Found, Within Clouds

"Why Do You SO Love Your
"she" asked.

Because I know,
She must have Left
before Me.

She is waiting in the Clouds
above where I stand.

Waiting for Me to join.

She speaks!
I've heard Her Cries for Me
In the Thunder above
Our Dancing Sea.

I've sought to Quiet her Pain,
Seeking the Lightning
flashing around Me
while Sailing upon Our Sea.

Yet It never chose to Strike Me,
so We could be joined.

Watch, Listen,
Can't You See and Hear how
She Speaks to Me?

Clouds moved by the Warmth of
Her Breath, entertaining Me
as they Whisk their Tails,
Flirting before Me.

Speaking to Her
My words of
Love for just One
who can See and Hear!

I've called for So Long for Her
to hear the echo of my Cries,
to be by My Side!

Why did She Leave,
Or was She.
Stolen from Me?

I Love Her,
cloaked in Fog,
as She wanders in
from our Sea
to Envelop Me.

Enveloping Me.
with the Mist of
Her Moist Kiss.

To heal the Scars
left by the others
Pretending to be She.

Will She come to Me?
Or is it My Time
to Go to Her?

So Tired of the Pain
of Her absence!

I've Searched the Ether
found within and without.

I've Searched this
State of Being Mortal.

Are You to be Found
between the

Or are You to be Found
in the "Nothing"
of the Dawn of
Our Time?

Will I Know
When it is
My Time,
to leave

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Back to Either,
Neither Found,

Flicked by the Swish"
of the Tails of Our Clouds,
Into the Universe's Resonance
From which We Came.

Taking the Lessons,
Leaving the Scars,

So Little Love Found,
So quickly the Journey Passed,
One wants to Drown
In the Salt of One's Tears.
Salt burns the Wounds,
Yet purifies the Scars.

Dust of Stars
where upon is Written
the Lessons of the Scars
of the many Passings
Cloaked in Flesh.

Is the Passing
Through the Passages
to Ever End?

Will the Collective
of Lessons,
Souls Kissed,
Souls Lost, Missed
Ever End?

Once Again.

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All Rights Reserved.

The Walls of My Heart

For Only You,
will I Open!

I will Hold Your Tears,
Within the Walls of
My Heart.

Quivering, Spasms
at the Thought of Loosing You,
The One I Never Knew,
in Flesh.

Vanquish Your Darkness,
By My Light Within.

Fill My Heart
with Your Sorrow,
Releasing You
to Me!

Take My Soul,
Placed before You,
for My Heart,
is Now Revealed,
Only by You.

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To be Seen

in a World of No Eyes.

To Awake at 3, 

Not Be with Thee.

and so Aware,

there is None
that Truly Care

that I am Aware.

Just a Touch

to See My Torch

to guide You through

Our Night.

A Lifetime of Glowing

with no one Knowing.

Sit and watch the


Never again hearing

You to Cry.

Seeking to hear

Words from a Soul,
Not just from
hollow Lips.

Absent Your Light

Leaves Me Stumbling

During My Night

Of Day.

I hold My Torch High.

I hope You Hear My Cry

to Guide You to the Light
 of the Calm of My Soul.

I Hear the Silence of Your Call.

Within this Beast,

Is My Soul the Fire

that will turn this Mortal

to Ash?

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And go Hungry.


Without Looking.


Without being Lonely.


and be Alone,

with only Hunger.

Ask nothing,

so All may be Given.


What is only thought.


What can only be lit by Love.

Only fulfillment You’ll find

Is Her  absence from this time.

Clear the Fear,
You will Never Appear
To Walk this Path with Me.
Accept the Rumbling
In My Heart
Caused by Your Absence.

Were they Only
 made to be broken?

I don’t want to leave the
Woman I’ve never met.

Yet time is a cruel Master.

My Shadow will never be alone.
I will always be there for it,
As it seeks your Shadow.

We only know what Life has done to us,
Not what we have done to Life.

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All Rights Reserved.

Ms. Liberty

My Ms. Liberty.

Your Country that you watch over,
Why has Thee, Abandoned We?

Have You abandoned We,
Or have We Abandoned Thee?!

The “We” is no longer One under Thee,
It is now a country of “Me’s”.

Step off of your Island
And rescue the Me’s
That still look to Thee as We!

Can You see,
what I see,
In a Capital before Me and Thee?

“Civilian Troops,”
Not bending a Knee
Or pledging their allegiance to Thee.
All armed with Weapons,
and not a “mask”
Threatening Me and Thee.
Invading Your House of Government
In the Land of Your Forest and Lakes.
To destroy Thee?
I will NOT let it be!

A Divider,
shallow and weak!
A Tongue that lies,
with arrogance and false pride,
he cannot hide
from the sharp point of Histories pen.

Simply a Con,
That “Tweets” from what used to be High,
But now just makes me sigh.


From “Rock and Roll Tonight”
Heard as “Let’s rumble” by the less bright.

From the lips of the Slayer
Of Your Constitution,
The naysayer,
Spews forth his hate,
Sealing his fate.

History will recoil
From the record of this soiled mind.
One that will be left behind,
Never to shine!

Will this bring Our Ms. Liberty
down on Her Knees?

Mortals may bend,
But NOT Thee!

She’s always known Us All,
Only as WE!

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I am a Beast.

A Beast whose Skeleton was forged,
In the Shelter of My Woods,
Not from the nurture of those that
Birthed Me.

from the dirt floor of a hole in
the side of a hill,
at the edge of the Lake
surrounded only by the
Critters of the Forest
that I chose to “Grow” with.

Dominated by My Soul
and Spirit of the Forest,
the Sea
and My Pals that still Live
within Me,
I remain as I was.

Capacity to move
among the masses?
Learned much later,
but Never adopted by
My Spirit.

Now more than Skeleton,
I am at Peace in my “dwelling” within
and seek only One to share it with.

I now play!
But alone.

Do you still know how to,
or have you grown
and are now too far away?

© 2019, Jack Brady,

© 2022, Jack Brady, Digital Technology Resources,Inc.
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Sleeping with A Ghost

How to say?
There is NO Way!


To know if Your touch
Is His on Her.

To know Your Voice
is Heard as His.


To know Her Tears
Are not for you,
but for the Ghost

Living within
the Bed with You.

Her Loss,
Loses My Dreams.

A gentle touch
Can hurt so much
When you realize
It is not Your Flesh
that is Touched.

A Touch
With the weight for
Another behind it.

Better to be
the Ghost in the House
If you are Seeking
Love from Her Touch.

Your Surrogate
is not a destiny
I will Accept!

to another realm
within this Beast that I am.

Seek again to find a touch meant for Me
that must be True!

Or sleep Alone?


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All Rights Reserved


My Voice

"They'll never know how STUPID YOU ARE until You open YOUR mouth!!'
Smack, smack, snap!
Hundreds of times to the flesh, the Soul
"Speak, or I can't give you passing grade for participation in class!"
"How can I know you, if you won't talk to me?"
No kiss, no.

"You've bean promited!"
Speak, Or Parish
I spoke.
I ate.
I am!

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Mv Soul
Hears Your Touch through the many
Gentle Songs of the Mockingbird.

Hears Your Calling
in the Songs of My Sea,
the crashing of Your waves
against My Shore.

Hears Your Calling
through the Rustle of the Leaves,
Echoing deep in the Forest.
of Our Trees.

Hears Your Calling
in the Songs of
My vessels sails Singing
from the touch of Your breath
carried on the Wind.

Why do I not see You?
Why can I not Touch You?

Mv Soul awaits Your manifestation
to be found deep in the forest
by the creek,
or Lost at Sea.

I remain Yours.
Awaiting Thee.

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White Out Conditions

Given unto Their Care.
Lessons to be Taught.
Pass on a compass to guide One
on a Path through Life.

Feel No Pain.


Never Feel.
No Pain?

Never Feel?
No Pain!

Never Feel!
No Pain!


Never Feel!

Never Love?
No Pain?
Never Loved!

Never Love!
No Pain!

Never Feel!
Never Love!
No Pain!


No Pain!
Never Love!


No Pain!


Never Fell!!

“She” said:
“Look UP to the Sun for Love,
Not just to Your Shadow on the Ground.”

No Pain!

Cha Chen


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