Artist Statement

Artist Statement
Jack Brady

"Seeking, To Be Found."  ©

Chapel Hill, NC this February 1, 2021

Photography/Visuals that have manifested before me, Shared.

  Many of Us find peace and serenity when We are immersed in the beauty of Nature.  Whether alone in the depth of forest, lying on the sand staring up at the ever changing clouds before you and believing "that cloud" flipped it's tail at "ME", or perched on a rock beside a cascade of water falling from high above nurturing My Soul with it's mist, Nature is Alive, as am I!

  To present before you scenes from Nature with my Writings and Images  that attempt to elicited an emotion at a now lost moment in time before me is my "wanderings", both within and without myself, and the camera and pen are my tools of choice.

  •   Fortunate to have traveled the World, always with my camera at my side, has been one of the gifts in my life. Whether on a business trip, or a true adventure with no agenda other than to immerse myself in the beauty of a given topography and reflect with a pen what must be said for myself to recall later in Life about "this" moment, the writings and images you will find within "Seeking, To Be Found" is how I try to convey what I felt, and to hopefully elicit a like feeling within You.

  As you may notice, I am particularly drawn to Clouds, the Sea and Shadows!

  The rays cast by the sun through the clouds at sea after a storm or in a remote wilderness location are just one of the beauties of Nature I feel we all can sense and appreciate. The flow of water across the earth, as a creek in the forest or the falls from on high, here you can sense not only the interplay of light in the scene but possibly hear the sound of the water as it trickles or falls before you.

  Yet there are times where just a shadow cast upon a wall in a room gives a sense of peace to each of us, if we just stop for a moment and choose to live in the beauty of that instant, as it will never return as it is before you in that "moment".

  Such is the inspiration to share just a little of what I have seen with each of you. I hope my efforts solicit a hunger within your self to Explore what is before you.

Poetry/Words, Moments in Life shared:

  "Seeking, To Be Found" is it quite different, from your experiences? I have chosen to share writings, and frankly in some cases “rantings”, about the memorable experiences in one Souls Life Journey, My Journey.

  As I say at the beginning of my book, of some of my writings I hope you have experienced the same emotion that generated the need to write of it, and of others I sincerely pray you have never felt and have no idea what I am writing about.

  Yes, an enigma that will only be revealed and defined with your reading. Many I hope will bring joy, a few may bring a tear, others bewilderment.

  What you feel will be dependent upon what you have felt, and whether my attempt to express a feeling that others have also sensed was worth the energy to bring the emotion to works of words.

  Of all that I have been able to bring from within myself and express for all to see, there is one writing that I feel must be felt and lived by all of us in order to understand the Human Experience, “Ashes”©.

  In closing, thank you for what time you spend here with me and my works. I welcome your thoughts, comments and prayers.

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.”

― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 160 AD.

© Copyright Jack Brady, Digital Technology Resources Inc., All rights reserved, 2021.

For the "Few" that will ponder, "What did he come from?"

Some Souls like myself are introduced to "Life" through it's many chambers of "Hell" where the mortals that were entrusted with our Soul break their covenant with the Heavens from which we ventured, seeking, yet not knowing what awaited us upon exiting the birth canal.

     To survive within the prison of youth because none will look to save us, we are forced to either mimic the "Hell" we were part of, or to parish by our own hand, OR to create our own "reality" within our self until the period of "Entrapment", named childhood, has passed.

     I chose to create my own "reality" and rejected ALL that I saw or experienced.  I chose to become the polar opposite of what I passed through.

     After the trials of such a youth, I emerge into "white out conditions", blind to the ways and values of the social order I was hidden from.

     Initially I chose to hide from the sight of all that I was "beaten down" in body, bones broken, skull battered and scared with concussions that now physically haunt me as I have aged.

     Some of us from a like childhood, emerge with our Soul and the envisioned Reality we created that "held us together", intact!  We seek to find our place in "your reality" that mates to "our reality".

     In time we sense our singularity in this new reality of those we are now surrounded by, Society.  Sensing that we are not "one" with others, do we choose to walk into the Sea and not swim?  Or will we  walk into the Sea and be purged by OUR SEA, "The Sea" we let manifest within our mind to nurture us during our youth.

     We move through the balance of "Life" to never do any of the harm we experienced as children.  To live a Life of opposites from what we experienced.

     Is it possible to pass through Life "unknown", yet somehow,  somewhere leave a positive "mark" from our journey?

     This book, it is my "mark", nothing more yet nothing less.  I hope it finds value in "Your World".

     I chose to express through the lens of a camera, and as I grew I found that "words" emerged waking me from my nights sleep that had to be written down for my eyes only to see.

     Many of my poems, actually the vast majority of my poems, are written during my "sleep"!

     Initially I found myself woken up to the sound of a voice in my bedroom mumbling, just to learn it is me speaking out loud during my sleep!  At first, it startled me to realize I was talking "nonsense" in my sleep to a room empty, save myself!

     Then with time I realized just maybe I needed to sit up and write down the "nonsense" to reflect on later.  When I did, I learned that  as soon as it is written, it's gone from my mind, forever and I am at peace!

     That's just the way it happens for me, most of the time.  Don't ask me why.  I have tried to just sit down and instruct myself to "write", that effort has yet to produce a sentence.

     I have also noted that over the last two years the "none sense" has become far more precise, thus the shorter poems are the most recent.

     It is my hope that by complimenting every poem with a reflective photo that the "emotions" embedded in the words or the photograph will be more clearly expressed to the reader, and frankly hoping to elicit a response from you within, my reader.

For Folks Interested In My Specific Digital Technology Experience: 1983– January 2004, here are a few highlights:

Southeastern Digital Images, Inc. & C/Food Software Division, Atlanta, GA

President/Founder of a Value Added Reseller (VAR), Software Developer and Executive Recruiter focused on the CG, 3-D Animation, Sim/VR/AR, Photo and Prepress markets primarily based on the Silicon Graphics Super Computer/Cray Super Computer platform.

Directed Sales, evaluated new 3rd party products and managed all aspect of the business.  In addition to the software I developed, SDII represented a variety of third party hardware and software products focused at the PC and Unix/SGI professional graphics for motion picture, broadcast, prepress, design markets and research.

Conceived of new products, directed C++ programming and development, designed user interface and profitability marketed proprietary software controlling digital film recorders and high resolution scanners for the Silicon Graphics/Cray Irix OS platform.  Clients included Tri-Star Pictures, Columbia Pictures, CIA, Mayo Clinic, Mercedes Benz in Germany, IBM and numerous photographers world wide.

Designed, manufactured and marketed my proprietary FCC approved PC that was optimized for Computer Graphics, 3-D Animation, Photographic and Prepress applications.

Consulted for hardware and software firms including Intel, Truevision, AT&T/GSL, Silicon Graphics Inc., Kodak Digital, Scitex, Thomson Digital, Nikon, Lentech-lenticular 3D camera, Hasselblad, Pixar, and Eikonixs in developing and marketing their products.

Only VAR awarded an exclusive sales territory (eight Southeastern states) by Thomson Digital Images for their Explore 3D Animation and design software, a leading animation and prepress program run on the Silicon Graphics Inc. Super Computer platform.  Explore software cost started at $120,000 per user seat plus SGI hardware.  That same software today has morphed into Autocad's "Maya" and is available for a fraction of the cost of what it came from.

Silicon Graphics Inc. Authorized Power Series VAR and Software Developer.