July, 12, 2021,
Below added today but it is not in the book
as I wrote it just after
"Seeking, To Be Found." was published.



Is it?

Back to Either,
Neither Found,

Flicked by the Swish
of the Tails of Our Clouds,
Into the Universe’s Resonance,
from which We Came.

Taking the Lessons,
Leaving the scars,

So little Love Found,
So quickly the Journey Passed,
One wants to Drown
In the Salt of One’s Tears.
Salt burns the wounds,
Yet purifies the Scars.

Dust of Stars
where upon is Written
the Lessons of the Scars
of the many Passing’s
Cloaked in Flesh.

Is the Passing
Through the Passages
to Ever End?

Will the collective,
of Lessons,
Souls Kissed,
Souls Lost, Missed,
Ever End?

Once again.

© Seeking, To Be Found. Jack Brady,
All Rights Reserved 5-1-2021

First 100 books have arrived today!
I have now signed all of the first 100 and
shipped 75 to the gallery of Clyde Butcher for delivery
early next week where you can inspect before purchase.
I have 15 left available for sale from myself.

Special Bonus to the first 15 books sold at my site:
I will include a $75 print, 8.5" x 11" of the poem
and photo "Passageways to Knowledge"©
suitable for framing at no charge with the purchase
of each book

Price has been fixed with Clyde's guidance after he and Niki reviewed the book at $45.00 plus tax and $4.00 for packaging and USPS Book Rate shipping for the "Lower 48 States".  If you need first class shipping please add $3.00 for a total of $7.00.

This page is where I will post from time to time a new poem or an announcement about my book
"Seeking, To Be Found".

“White Out Conditions”

Given Unto Their Care.
Lessons to be Taught.


                        Never Feel?

                                    No Pain?
                        Never Feel?

                                    No Pain!
                        Never Feel!

                                    No Pain!


                        Never Loved?


                        Never Love?

                                    No Pain?

                        Never Love?

                                    No Pain!

                        Never Love!

                                    No Pain!

No Pain!

                        Never Love!

No Pain!

“She” said:
 “Look UP to the Sun for Love,
Not just to Your Shadow on the Ground.”

“Her” Love!
No Pain!

Cha Chen


© Jack Brady, 1-6-2021,

December 8, 2020
My first BLOG post is a poem I wrote but it is not in my book, however I feel it is applicable to the point in History we have been living for the last 4 years:

Ms. Liberty

My Ms. Liberty.
Your Country that you watch over,
Why has Thee,
Abandoned We?

 Have You abandoned We,
Or have We Abandoned Thee?!

The We is no longer One under Thee,
It is now a country of “Me’s”.

Step off of Your Island
And rescue the Me’s
That still look before Thee as We!
Can You see,
what I see,
In a Capital before Me and Thee?

 “Civilian Troops,”
Not bending a Knee
Or pledging their allegiance to Thee.
All armed with Weapons,
and not a single N-95 “mask”
Threatening Me and Thee.
Invading Your House of Government
In the Land of Your Forest and Lakes.
To destroy Thee?

I will NOT let it be! 

A Divider,
shallow and weak!
A Tongue that lies,
preys on the Weak,
with arrogance and false pride,
he cannot hide
from the sharp point of Histories pen.

Simply a Con,
That “Tweets” from what used to be High,
But now just makes Me sigh.

 From “Rock and Roll Tonight”
Heard as “Let’s rumble” by the Less Bright.

 From the lips of the Slayer
Of Your Constitution,
The Naysayer,
Sprews forth his hate,
Sealing his fate in History.

History will recoil
From the record of his soiled mind.
One that will be left behind,
Never to shine!

Will this bring Our Ms. Liberty
down on Her Knees?

Mortals may bend,
But NOT Thee!
She’s always known Us All,
Only as WE!


© Jack Brady, Draft 6-22-2022, Done 7-19-2020, All rights reserved

December 20, 2020

Proof of the 8.5" high X 11" wide book arrived late Friday.  Have been going through it and I'm pleased.  Hope to have all proofing done by Wednesday or early next week.  Printing of the initial 100 should start just before the year end.  Of the initial 100 books 75 have already been sold.  A good start but a long way to go to hit my target by the end of 2021!

December 17, 2020
Proof shipped from the printer yesterday - hope to have it in hand by Friday, get lost in it over the weekend and then give the go ahead with the final manuscript to print the first 100!


December 8, 2020
I received word yesterday that the printer of my book, "Seeking, To Be Found"©, expects to have a proof of my book to me for my review and approval by the 15th of December, 2020.
Upon approval, the initial printing of 100 books will commence and be shipped to me within 10 days for signing.  After my signing, 75 of the books will be shipped to my close friends Clyde and Niki Butcher and offered for sale at both of their Florida galleries.
I'm excited!