“Seeking, To Be Found” ©. Purchase my book


“Seeking, To Be Found” ©  Is my recently published hardcover book, 8.5″ tall by 11″ wide, of poetry I have written to myself mated with a photograph that I took that I feel expresses the message of my poem.  The book is signed by myself, the author and photography of all works in the book.

The book is a collection based on my writings to myself over the last 15 years, never meant to be published, that are “tokens” to myself to remind me of the challenges one faces that came from an extremely abusive childhood.

It is about the desire and challenges of “seeking” a mate that is capable of loving one like myself, perfect in an imperfect way.

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“Seeking, To Be Found” ©.
Purchase my hardcover book, 8.5″ tall by 11″ wide, of poetry with mated photography signed by myself, the author and photographer of all works in the book.

My hard cover book, “Seeking, To Be Found.”©, can be purchased directly from myself or at any of the bookstores or galleries found at the tabs “Bookstores and Galleries” on this site.

The price for my book is $35.00 + sales tax and $6.00 for packing and USPS Book/Media Rate shipping to USA “Lower 48 States”.  General time for delivery by the Book/Media is 6-10 days per the USPS.
For USPS First Class please add $13.00 for packing and shipping to the lower 48 state destination.

As a compliment to my hardcover book, I am offering fine art single prints, signed, of any page of any poem and its mated photo found in my book.

1.  A single fine art print, signed, of my photograph and poem on a single sheet of archival fine art paper.

Pages from the book (both sides of the open book, left and right) printed on one sheet of archival paper) are available in the following paper sizes – the poem and image will be smaller than the paper size of course:
Image printed on 8.5×11 paper:       $35.00
Image printed on 11″x17″ paper:     $50.00
Image printed on 13″x19″ for           $65.00
Image printed on 17″x22″ for           $75.00

If you seek other custom print sizes/arrangements or a poem of your choice and a photo of your choice as single prints each, please send me an email (Contact tab above) for a price with details of exactly what you wish at:

Printed area sizes will vary a bit based on necessary cropping. If you need an exact size, please specify when ordering.

All prints are printed and signed by myself.

LICENSING: I will license my poetry and/or photographs for commercial as well as nonprofit uses. I will be happy to provide a quote for your project.  Just fill out the form below under “Contact” to tell me about your project and timeline.

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